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Top Planting Tips For Melia Dubia Plant

Posted by Admin on March, 21, 2022

Most of us don’t know that Melia Dubia plant is another name of Malabar Neem Wood which is a tropical deciduous plant.As one of the softwood trees, Melia Dubia can be grown the best if the soil is fertile and well-drained. Melia Dubia plant doesn’t have many side branches and therefore can be easily shaved as per the requirements. One of the most intriguing facts of the Melia Dubia plants is they can be accumulated very fast, especially under irrigation.

As per the characteristics mentioned above, the plantation of the Melia Dubia plants is very simple and cost-effective. Sometimes the plantation cost of the Melia Dubia trees is lower than the plantation rate of other timber trees. Melia Dubia plantation can immerse in intercropping by harvestingextra crops like groundnuts and grams; and with an adequate spacing of at least 15x 15 feet gap between the trees, agriculturists can also cultivate banana trees or coconut trees alongside.

But the plantation of the Melia Dubia trees also incorporates some major challenges including a low germination rate of its seedlings. Melia Dubia seeds carrya thick seed layer, which impedesthe natural germination procedures.Therefore, while planting the Melia Dubia trees, you need to be aware of some of the facts about the plantation procedures.

Here we are fetching some vital details of planting Melia Dubia trees which can help you to get a better idea and proper knowledge about the entire procedure.

Soil Preparation

The first major aspect of cultivating Malabar Neem is none other than the preparation of soil. Sandy loam soil enriched with rich organic elements is considered to be the most beneficial soil for the Melia Dubia cultivation. Apart from these, the laterite red soil is also a very good soil preparation for better productivity.

The soil used for the Melia Dubia plantation doesn’t require to have high pH content. The less pH it contains the more productivity the farmers can get.The roots of the Melia Dubia plant absorb the nutrients from deeper soil, therefore the soul should be well-moisturized without having the chance of waterlogging.

Heat Or Temperature

The second aspect of an effective Melia Dubia plantation is none other than the temperature. In this context, the farmers don’t need to get bothered additionally as the Melia Dubia plants can be grown in standard temperature.


When it comes to the matter of rainfall, areas with plenitude rainfall varying above 1000 mm annually are contemplated the most suitable for the desired growth of Melia Dubia trees. Areas higher than 600-1800m of sea level are perfect for Melia Dubia cultivation.The areas that contain lower rainfall can also produce excellent Melia Dubia plants with the advanced irrigation procedure.


The Melia Dubia plants require normal sunlight for better growth and production.

Germination And Other Strategies For The Melia Dubia Growth

As we illustrated earlier that the most toughest part of planting Melia Dubia trees is nothing but the germination process.In fact, the seed germination of Melia Dubia is just not complicated but also a thorough process as well. The hardy outer coat required seed treatment that should be properlyfollowed for softening.

The inner hard surface should be eliminated to enter the kernel inside. These kernels or dried drupes are planted in the nursery for developing seedlings. Be careful that kernels are not oppressed in the process. Otherwise, the seedlings can’t be turnedinto bigger plants as per the requirements.

You can get these highly productive Malabar Need Wood or Melia Dubia plants from any reputed Melia Dubia plant wholesalers. We hope, this article would help you in all the manner to help you get the desired production rate of the Melia Dubia plants.

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